Your Ultimate Guide For Getting The Louvres Roof Deck In Australia

Getting The Louvres Roof Deck In Australia

Enjoying a hot summer day sipping a beverage, reading, chatting with friends or alone while soaking up the sun, or watch the children play, while lounging at the patio or back deck sure gives you a fuzzy feeling.

While enjoying that, there is also this concern of getting burnt during the mid-afternoon from the scorching sun and the unbearable heat. Or the sudden rain that dampens the spirit of sitting out, enjoying a lovely spring day, and forces you to be inside can be a disappointment. To continue to enjoy the sun, the spring, and the fun of sitting in your backyard, the louvred roof deck is all you need. 

What Is Louvred Roof?

This is comparatively a recent phenomenon, used to cover the deck or patio of a house. They are also now used to cover garden areas, pools, and even backyard hot-tubs and jacuzzies. 

The structure of the louvres roof panels are arranged in horizontal, parallel blades, laths, slats, slips of wood, glass, metal, and aluminium are mainly the materials used. The design is made to enable ample light and airflow into the area that the louvre covers.

As a result of this, the louvre structures are no longer limited to usage on decks and patios as a roof. Instead, their design for plenty of airflow and light penetration, which could also be regulated, is now being used indoors and in windows. 

Louvred structures offer the owner the option to close the panels entirely unlike pergola. This can give a complete covering of the area to enjoy the rain without getting wet or the draft of the winter with the heater on. 

Why Should I Opt For Louvre Roof Screen? 

With the sleek modern architectural design of your home, you want to extend that style to our patio or deck. While louvres roof screens offer you that state-of-the-art design, it also comes with quite a few benefits. 

Protects From Extreme Temperatures: Inclement weather strikes are standard in Australia, and it becomes hard to enjoy the outdoor, even your own backyard in such conditions. With louvre roof, you can enjoy it, while ensuring the patio and the deck of your home is protected from extreme temperatures like rain and sun.

With the option of opening the louvre roof panels as a homeowner, you can control the extent of sunlight that can enter the area. If you choose to close it off entirely, you can do that and enjoy the light of the sun without the heat or the soothing rain without getting wet. 

Thermo-regulation and Energy Efficiency:

The design of the louvres roof vents are done in a way that allows incredible thermal regulation. The insulating capacity of the design enables the owners to adjust the roof or the panels to cut reduce cooling during the summer and cut down the heating in winter.

With the louvres, one can angle the shade or close it entirely during warmer times. During the winter, the opening of the louvre can allow the sunlight to hit the home and warm up the house naturally.

Design Versatility: As a homeowner, you can decide the kind of design you want for your louvres roof deck, patio, or any area. You can select between a flat roof, gabled, and skillion.

With the option for having a small, medium, or large opening with louvres roof panel, a homeowner need not be concerned whether it can be installed to their patio because of the shape and size of the latter. 

Customisation: The option for customisation of the louvres roof screen allows the homeowner to incorporate in an array of structures. This means it can function quite efficiently and effectively as part of a roof or a house structure while as a standalone structure too.

Often architects use the louvres roof panels to give the impression of larger outdoor living areas. Moreover, because of its unique design and a range of od options to select from it can be easily incorporated into modern as well as traditional architecture. 

Easy to Adjust: Louvres roof now comes with technologically advanced features, in which remote control can be used to open and close the panels and vents. The technology allows you to not only get rid of the manual labour and the cumbersome job of getting up and adjusting the panels every time the sunlight shifts but also with a remote control you can adjust it to the precision you want. The state-of-the-art sensor system can also be added to get the louvres closed once the rain starts even if you are not there. 

Eco-friendly: Louvres roof decks cost you nothing practically. To operate it requires very little energy and solar panels can be connected to them to make them self-sufficient. Very few materials are used in the construction of louvres roof vents and can be made of recyclable materials. Thus ensuring that when replaced the panels and vents do not end up in landfills. Also, as mentioned earlier, it cuts down on the heating and cooling of the house. 

Accessories For Louvre Roof 

There are roof louvres accessories too, which makes it an extension of your indoor space. Pieces and objects that can be used and are used regularly with louvres roof deck and patio are 

  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • Lights
  • Electric outlets
  • Etc

The wiring for these can be easily concealed when installing, so it is protected from the weather too. 

Cost of Installing Louvre Roof 

So if you are planning to have a fun time on your patio or deck without the worry of the weather or any time of the day and year, installing louvres roof panels is the way to go. The louvres roof cost in Australia depends on quite a few factors. They are:

  • Material
  • Size of the area that the roof will cover
  • Additional accessories
  • Adding rain sensors

However, typically it can start to range between $1,000 and $2,000 per sq. metre. 

So if you want to enjoy the full control of enjoying your patio or deck louvres roof screens or panels offer the flexibility on how you want to navigate the outdoor living. Completely closed patios or decks while does keep the elements away and allows partial or angled entrance of the light and air as louvred roofs are the most functional addition to your house.